0o2 business plan

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0o2 business plan

Mayotte Chapter 1 Route: Most pilots have considered it. Like most folks, I often chose to ignore it. I got married, bought a house, and had children. My Dad passed away in May of I wrote and presented his eulogy. As I worked to understand his life, I came to better understand my own.

Later that Summer, I traveled by air to Philadelphia on business. The trip home took us low over terrain I recognized.

The pure and overwhelming joy of flight was rekindled and I started to look into getting current. I purchased a simulator for my computer.


Flying was still natural, but my instrument scan was nowhere. I got my Class 3 medical certificate. I returned to the air on October 25, I went home and redoubled my efforts on the simulator. Two weeks later, it was a different story.

We flew a brand new Cessna The next day, I soloed in a Cessna for the first time in 18 years. The significance of the event was not lost on me. Twenty-one years earlier, as a student pilot, I soloed in an almost identical at the same airport. As I looked back in my logbook, all my best flights took place in s.

Cessna built the first in The M was built from to To me, the M is rakish and modern. The older ones seem like Model Ts. Naturally, the price had to be right as well.

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With the Internet to help me, I dealt with folks from all over the country. I found a nice plane in Oregon, but initially ruled it out. As I became smarter, ruling out planes became easier. Even though I wanted a plane, in a sick kind of way I was hoping to find a fatal flaw that would rule out this madness.

It was almost an advantage. At once, I felt sick to my stomach. The excitement was palpable, but so were the doubts. What had I gotten myself into?

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Both events changed my life, and both turned out fine. Most of the negotiations were done quietly. My son Thomas age 12 knew what was going on.

Because of his keen interest and his low weight, he was the obvious co-pilot. I spent one Saturday morning ordering airline tickets.

Barbara laughed it off. The adventure of a lifetime was actually happening.

0o2 business plan

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