A380 globalisation essay

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A380 globalisation essay

Market globalization drivers- common customer needs, global customers, global channel and transferable marketing depend on the nature of customer behavior and structure of channels of distribution. In case of airline industry though major needs of customers are common but some variations according to the different continents.

Emirates Airlines focuses on fundamental needs common to all countries. For example, on all routes emirates airline offer passengers the A380 globalisation essay of two Indian and one Western dish in all classes.

The Airline industry has a very unique type of global customer. Most travelers except the most patriotic consider all carriers that serve the route to be traveled and select on the basis of reliability, quality and other real and perceived attributes.

Cost globalization drivers- global scale of economies, favorable logistics ,differences in country costs and fast growing technology depend on the economics of the business.

Low fares can help Emirates to achieve economies of scale. Government globalization drivers- favorable trade policies, compatible technical standards, common marketing regulations and host government concerns-depend on the rules set by the national governments.

Latest technology is a success driver in the airline industry. Engineering has a tremendous responsibility at Emirates. They keep aircraft flying safely, providing maintenance, technical services and quality assurance to the entire Emirates fleet.

A380 globalisation essay globalization drivers- competitors from different continents, interdependence of countries and globalized competitors raise the globalization potential of airline industry.

For example, Emirates Airlines is the biggest purchaser of the Airbus A and one of the largest customers of the A aircraft. Emirates main competitors like British Airways, virgine Atlantic, Singapore Airlines are adopting various strategies to increase their passenger and revenue.

New company can easily enter into a market if barriers to entry are few and vice -versa.

A380 globalisation essay

Generally threat of entry high in the airline industry because of existing loyalty of customers to major airline such as British Airways, Emirates Virgin Tanvir, One of the most and prime important entry barriers is finance.

But it is available in the Middle East and in addition to this technology and expertise can be purchased. So the threat of new entrants may decrease Profitability of Emirates Airlines. They are highly competitive.

Emirates depends so much on these suppliers as required products are differentiated. Buyers can change the industry trend due to their demands for high quality, demand for low prices.

Emirates may face a threat now and in future as customers now days have an ability to make demands on their products in terms of lower prices, higher service or product quality. Most airlines companies offer products which have similar features like good quality ,low price and excellent service.

So Emirates Airlines may face challenges when most players become competitive to launch new products globally. The airline industry is generally highly competitive. The trend of rivalry in airline industry is famous and high due to availability of large numbers of airlines in the market which are also offering best services, best cost etc.

Emirates Airlines has some local competitors like Etihad, Air Arabian etc. The political scene in the region has been quite favourable because most of the countries in the Asian pacific have been making agreements that facilitate better trade between countries especially in relation to the aviation sector.

These countries have signed agreements between themselves and also with other countries in the United States and also in the European continent. These agreements have opened up Emirates to the world and have provided readymade markets for the Airline Company.

But the recent tensions in Egypt, Yemen have hurt Emirates. Due to political instability many tourists postponed holiday plans. As a consequence of this economic growth Emirates Airline has been growing dramatically over the past few years. In the region markets are changing rapidly and more Govt.

Moreover Dubai represents a lot of potential for investment both in the tourism industry and also in the business world. People from various countries gather in this city to make investment in various sectors.Apr 24,  · An Airbus is the name of an Airline Company.

This company makes a particular plane called the A The A is a is a four-engined, double-decked airplane made by Airbus. It is the world's biggest passenger airplane, bigger than a Boeing Jumbo Jet. But, it is not the biggest airplane in Status: Open.

The A is a product of globalization because engineers have produced different parts of the aircraft in different parts of the world.

Research paper on airbus a pictures

Lots of the Aircrafts parts have been made in so many different countries and shipped back to the place where it was to be fully made. The A cabin is the quietest and most spacious in the sky and with inch standard seat width in economy, it is no wonder passengers opt for the comfort of the A when given the choice.

That means higher market share, higher load factors and higher revenues. It first flew on April 27, , from Toulouse, France. Commercial flights began in after 15 months of testing. The aircraft was known during much of its development as the Airbus A3XX. (Global Oneness ) The A is now the largest passenger airliner, topping the Boeing , which was the .

DISSERTATION ON “GLOBALIZATION AND ITS IMPACT ON MARKETING STRATEGIES” OBJECTIVE OF STUDY The objective of this research is to gain a better understanding of the effects of globalization on firms’ international marketing cooperation and performance of .

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A380 globalisation essay

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