Air intake manifold formula student

The engine and vehicle design in the Formula SAE competition has to comply with a strict regulation. The aim of the throat is to limit the engine air flow rate as it strongly influences the volumetric efficiency and then the maximum power. The present paper is focused on the design of the engine intake system of the Firenze Race Team vehicle in order to optimize its performance in terms of both the maximum power and the drivability of the vehicle. One of the typical solutions for limiting the air restrictor influence consists of a plenum chamber placed along the intake line downstream of the restrictor.

Air intake manifold formula student

This dissertation also documents the design and testing of the intake manifold, exhaust system, carburettor and the intake restrictor for the USQ Motorsport Formula SAE engine. Before selecting the engine thorough research into all types of engines and designs was carried out.

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Once the type of engine that was suitable for the Formula SAE competition was determined, all of the parameters that impacted on the selection of the engine were analysed. To accurately predict which engine was the 'optimum engine' a model of the Formula SAE car's acceleration performance was created and the calculations were undertaken using Matlab.

The engine that was purchased for the Formula SAE car was sourced from a cc water-cooled motorcycle. Once the engine had been purchased it was possible to design the fuelling system for the Formula SAE car. In this project the fuelling system incorporated the method of aspiration, fuel mixture preparation system, the intake manifold, the intake restrictor and the exhaust system.

A feasibility study that encompassed forced air induction systems for the Formula SAE car was carried out and the utilisation of multi-point fuel injection was also examined. However due to budgetary restraints neither of these systems were feasible. Therefore it was decided that the engine would be naturally aspirated and carburetted.

The merits of fixed venturi carburettors and constant velocity carburettors were explored in order to select the most suitable type of carburettor for the Formula SAE engine. Research was carried out in order to find the intake manifold configuration that best suited the Formula SAE car.

The USQ workshop was also liased with during the initial design period in order to ensure that the machining capabilities at the USQ could produce the required design.

In order to determine if the final design of the intake manifold was feasible a prototype manifold was constructed. In order to design the restrictor various standards that are used to design flow measurement devices were incorporated.

Several prototype restrictors were constructed and tested using an airflow bench. The design of the exhaust system was also investigated.

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It was found that the best solution in regards to the exhaust system was to retain the original exhaust manifold and purchase an aftermarket muffler.

As the project developed it became clear that cooling requirements of the engine were a concern. For this reason experimental procedures were devised to determine if the original motorcycle radiator would be sufficient. Because all of the components that were designed or specified in this project are part of a system they were tested together, on the engine.

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Unfortunately it was not possible to obtain any meaningful test results. The reason for this was that the rest of the car was not at a stage of completion that would allow testing on dynamometer.Formula SAE Turbocharger System Development Senior Project Final Report Eric Griess Kevin McCutcheon Matthew Roberts William Chan Mechanical Engineering Department.

An intake manifold in proper resonance generates an air spring effect to force more flow though the cylinders, resulting in a dramatic rise in the performance.


The / FSAE restrictor is constructed of an oversized throttle body, with a heavy billet aluminum adaptor. Formula SAE is a student design competition organized by SAE International (formerly Society of in the engines intake system. Air compressibility can be linked to a spring force introducing resonance in the intake manifold as the wave propagation takes place.

A single cylinder and intake runner with its . inlet manifold construction for the formula student car The object of the research is the Formula Student racing class vehicle WT, equipped with a four-cylinder, four-stroke spark-ignition engine, which has a capacity of cm 3. COMBUSTION PARAMETERS CALIBRATION AND INTAKE MANIFOLD REDESIGN FOR FORMULA STUDENT YAMAHA YZF-R6 ENGINE Predrag Mrdja1, Vladimir Petrovic2, Nenad Miljic3, Slobodan Popovic 4, Marko Kitanovic5 Summary: In order to improve the performance of previous season cc Yamaha YZF-R6 Formula Student air-flow restricted racing engine, an intensive research in .

For , Kevin developed the intake manifold for Southern Polytechnic State University's Formula SAE race car.

Air intake manifold formula student

Pictured below is a scale model of the intake air manifold printed in grey, white, and black resin on the Form 1+.

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