An introduction to my stock market experience

The top 6 are worth an individual test to see which interface you like the most and what features match what you are looking for. If you have limited time, you cannot go wrong with FreeStockCharts. There is no doubt about it, TradingView has stormed into the Review Winners section in its first try. I spent 2 days playing with this software, and it is seriously making me think about leaving my beloved wife TC

An introduction to my stock market experience

Back in I posted about my experience trading on Robinhood, I never knew this article would take off like this.

Thanks again for reading. Robinhood, for iOS and Android and Web! Once you make the first transfer it will take about three days for your money to appear in the app ready to trade. You can try doing some research inside that app about a particular stock, but I recommend using a mixture of tools to find out who to invest in.

Overall, the process is made as simple as it could be considering you now are a stock trader, with all the power to make and lose fortunes. My Investment Strategy Once your account is funded, the homework starts.

I spent the first three days, while I waited for my money to clear, researching what stocks I wanted to buy. The site I found most helpful was stockflare. At Stockflare you can easily see performance of stocks based on their 5-star system: Is the stock cheaper than the competition?

Is it profitable from an earnings per share basis? Does the stock pay dividends? You can sort stocks by these different variables, as well as filter what sectors and trading styles. Kroger did very well and I still hold it; Petroleo, not so much.

Is Stock Market Trading a Professional Business or Just a Gambling?

I started reading CNBC and keeping an eye on other market trends. Stocktwits allows you to see what other hobby traders are talking about with stocks. The community is very active and you can get into some great conversations through the site. Robinhood has partnered with StockTwits to add the ability to trade right from within StockTwits.

Read more about it here. In my 3rd month of trading. I got it as high as 8. This is way more fun, though, than just sitting and staring at your money in a savings account.

The Downsides You will not become Gordon Gekko using this app. At least not right away. I learned a few things about the stock market while using Robinhood; some not so pretty things.

First off, the big guys are the big guys because they have the money to stay on top. Cash from the sale of stock that the buyer has yet transferred to the seller.

This transfer is part of the settlement process, and may take up to 3 business days. Last I checked, they were actively working to make this time faster. On the one year anniversary of this article, Robinhood announced Instant. Which removes the three day waiting period and allows you to reinvest immediately after selling your stock.

An introduction to my stock market experience

Goodbye 5 day wait! Before you begin trading with Robinhood, I recommend reading their FAQ to make sure you understand how it works.

While a desktop experience will make it easier for people to trade while they research, it also brings a whole slew of new updates to the platform. Robinhood Trades Cryptocurrency 1.

Normally Coinbase charges 1. With this update in February users will be able to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as track 14 other cryptocurrencies.

More states added soon after that. You can read more here about their plan to offer margin accounts and other plans to generate revenue. Going Forward The startup has receive massive amounts of attention from both the financial world and from the start-up community. Photos from Robinhood Robinhood is not the first brokerage to do zero-commission trades.

Others have tried and failed after not finding enough revenue, but Robinhood appears to be on track to succeed.American investors often turn to mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to save for retirement and other financial goals.

An introduction to my stock market experience

Although mutual funds and exchange-traded funds have similarities, they have differences that may make one option preferable for any particular investor. Find the best free stock images about stock market. Download all photos and use them even for commercial projects.

Introduction to the Stock Market The workings of the stock market can be a great source of confusion for many people. Some people believe investing is a form of gambling; and feel that if you invest, you will more than likely end up losing your money. The Stock Market is an area of which I have very little knowledge of, and therefore decided to research as my topic for this paper.

Though it plays a very important role in nearly every section of our lives, I can't say I know much more than nothing about it/5(5). Stock Market. An illustrated introduction to the stock market.

Suitable for youth and adults. Format: Slides with quiz. Duration: 30 minutes To experience the most advanced and highly-interactive educational games and simulations, visit Stock Market Basics is your source for everything you need to make an investment strategy that fits your goals I was the typical investor in my early 20s.

I started investing in the stock market while serving in the Marine Corps, spending hours every week listening to stock market news and stock tips.

Teach Kids About the Stock Market | The Secret Formula!