Black identity in bamboozled

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Black identity in bamboozled

Project 21 participants live all over the U.

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What they have in common is a desire to make America a better place for African-Americans, and all Americans, to live and work. Project 21 members do this in a variety of ways in their own communities, and, through Project 21, by writing opinion editorials for newspapers, participating in public policy discussions on radio and television, by participating in policy panels, by giving speeches before student, business and community groups, and by advising policymakers at the national, state and local levels.

This became most obvious during the April riots in Los Angeles, when the media provided extended coverage of the reaction of liberal civil rights leaders to the events surrounding the Rodney King controversy. Curiously, the media made little mention of those in the African-American community who spoke out in favor of law and order and individual responsibility — and against the rioting.

Rather than merely complain about the lack of attention given to conservative and moderate African-Americans as typified by the coverage of the riots, The National Center for Public Policy Research convened a meeting of conservative and moderate African-American activists in mid to determine whether it was feasible to construct a network to bring conservative and moderate voices in the black community to the attention of the media.

The answer was yes, and Project 21 was born. By March ofProject 21 secured the necessary funding to hire a full-time coordinator to pursue its goals. Project 21 acts as a public relations network for moderate and conservative African-Americans, and is interested in promoting those African-Americans who want to discuss their beliefs not only in the privacy of their own homes but in thousands, sometimes millions, of homes across America.

Whether a member is a talented writer, articulate speaker, dedicated policy analyst or just have interesting viewpoints on important issues, Project 21 is there to help its members get recognition.

Project 21 has enjoyed enormous success.

Project 21 members have been published, quoted or interviewed over 35, times since the program was launched in Project 21 first burst into attention following the release of Black America Changing Direction in January A page volume, Black America is a comprehensive assessment of the challenges and opportunities facing the African-American community.

A collection of 15 essays written by Project 21 participants, the report addressed important contemporary issues including economic stagnation, crime, education, health, welfare, and the disintegration of the black family.

Black identity in bamboozled

Project 21 released a major report, The Health Care Ghetto: The report was the first of its kind to analyze how various health care reform initiatives would affect minority communities.

In JanuaryProject 21 released a second annual report: The report consisted of 38 essays by Project 21 members on topics ranging from the information superhighway to crime. In Januarya series of profiles were released of black conservatives and moderates who shun government spending and embrace greater community involvement as the way to solve problems.

A Time for Renewal also included an agenda created by black conservatives and moderates outlining what government needs to do — and what it needs to stop doing — if people are going to start solving their own problems. Infollowing two years of research, Project 21 released an in-depth report: The page report received front page newspaper coverage in Washington D.

Project 21 also has taken a lead role in bringing to public attention the fact that a substantial number of government environmental rules have a disproportionately negative economic impact on minorities.

About Project 21

In addition to assisting with the research and publication of over 60 studies, op-eds and press releases on this topic in recent years, injoining with the John P. Project 21 is also actively involved in educating the public on proposals to empower communities rather than the government.

For instance, Project 21 was instrumental in promoting the ideas incorporated in the Community Renewal Act, sponsored by Reps.

Black identity in bamboozled

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‘‘Black is Blak’’: Bamboozled and the Crisis of a Postmodern Racial Identity PHIL CHIDESTER School of Communication, Illinois State University. We’ve made it just over halfway through the month of February, granted the distinction of being Black History Month, and racial tensions in the film world, particularly in Hollywood, are at an.

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I sat gape-mouthed in front of Lee Daniels and Danny Strong’s musical soap opera Empire () – a wildly entertaining but exceedingly dubious carnival of black pathologies – and couldn’t help but wonder if it was the type of show that would get Bamboozled’s master-wigger network boss Dunwitty (Michael Rapaport) hot under the collar at proposal stage.

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