Breaking the glass an essay

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Breaking the glass an essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Breaking the Glass Ceiling Politics and human rights policy have changed significantly throughout the second half of the twentieth century, notably in relation to attitudes about race, gender, and sexuality, and although they have nurtured a particular vision of social justice.

Unfortunately, not all the problems of equal opportunities at the workplace have been solved. For female employees, glass ceiling proposes great opportunities to be equally treated and protected to some extent. To over come these possible threats organizations should conduct programming of specific human resources activities, based on personal development and human capital policies.

The problem is that many women are deprived their right to occupy high administrative position.

Breaking the glass ceiling dissertation

The necessity of breaking glass ceiling is caused by dominance by white males in American workforce. At the beginning of the XXI century they occupy the majority of managerial positions and many of the more important blue-collar jobs.

The role of women is to occupy lower-paying positions. On the other hand, women racial minorities found considerable barriers to entering the labor market at the higher paying levels. The glass ceiling has been evident in both position and pay within organizations Frieze et al.

In general, glass ceiling means the invisible barrier for women and minority groups that prevent them to be appointed to high administrative and managerial positions. Glass ceiling is a symptom of a big problem of equal opportunities and discrimination at work, and a part of diversity management.

The decisions and actions of management in organisations have an increasing impact on individuals, other organisations and the community. Heated discussions concern the role of glass ceiling in organizational development and its impact on HR management.

Discrimination on the grounds of sex or national status is unlawful, and has to be overcome in the work place Morrison, The necessity of breaking glass ceiling policies is an issue of the day, because women and minoroties are discriminated in many aspects of our life and work.

Certain forms of discrimination are acceptable but others are not, and have been made unlawful. The main problem is that women do not have a chance to rich high management and administrative positions in some organizations that deprived them from challenges to achieving recognition, promotion and resulted in discriminating policies.

The article by Thomas R. Miller and Mary A. This article shows that there is a necessity of breaking the glass ceiling strategies because there are always certain groups in any society that are discriminated against unfavourably due to the prejudices and preconceptions of the people with whom they have to deal.

Breaking the glass an essay

The authors explain that preconceptions were sometimes verbalised, and the male managers and executives holding these preconceptions were unaware of the way that they saw and judged things and people, especially women employees. Lillian Gilbreth had to prove that she was worthy high managerial position working hard for years and had to complete more work than male employees had to do.

The authors portray that this glass ceiling policies within organizations went deep, and in relation to women concerned challenging a system of institutional discrimination and anti-female conditioning in the prevailing culture.

LemonsMonica J. Parzinge represent an interesting problem concerning the role of women in engineering and technology management, and dominant role of men in this sphere. The statistical results from IT industry suggest that: Breaking glass ceiling tended to concentrate on behaviour and, to a small extent, attitudes, whereas management recognise a need to go beneath this.

Glass ceilings for women in IT results in lack of understanding between male and female employees and prejudices towards the role of women in information technology field.

However, these preconceived ideas influence the actions of the people who hold them, and the way they deal with others. These offer some useful perspectives and practices, although the underlying concepts also raise some issues and concerns.

It is recognized that many organisations are adopting breaking glass ceiling policies and are seriously examining whether they are fulfilling the potential of all their staff. Mitra the author unveils another important issues of double glass ceiling policies: These facts help to understand the causes and reasons why women cannot achieve high managerial position at the same as men employees and factors that prevent them.

Causes Taking into account the information mentioned above, it is evident that glass ceiling has deep roots and requires special programs and policies in order to provide equal opportunities for women and racial minorities at work.

The fact that prejudices has been taken seriously by organizations despite initial ridicule, especially in the popular press, suggests that feminist concerns have become more publicly acceptable. Though there is disturbing evidence that only a small minority of women feel able to report discrimination at work based on low recognition and appraisal.Breaking the glass, a sure sign of a Jewish wedding.

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This essay shall explore the concept of the glass ceiling by using case studies of successful senior women to determine whether gender still plays a role in how far an individual progresses in their career. Historical Background.

Lemons “Breaking the glass ceiling: lessons from a management pioneer” describes a personal example of Lillian Gilbreth (), and difficulties based by this woman based on gender discrimination.

The horn breaking off the unicorn depicts the animal now becoming "normal," while the breaking of the glass also symbolizes Laura's transformation into an ordinary girl who can love and hurt like everyone else. Weinbloom, Elizabeth ed.

"The Glass Menagerie Essay Questions". GradeSaver, 15 September Web. Cite this page. Study Guide. Lemons “Breaking the glass ceiling: lessons from a management pioneer” describes a personal example of Lillian Gilbreth (), and difficulties based by this woman based on gender discrimination.

Essay on Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling Essay Breaking through the Glass Ceiling: Women in Management In the last decades, professional situation of women has improved. The opportunities of women to get better education have grown, and so has the level of women in professional and managerial jobs that historically had been held by .

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