Building an e-business n decor furniture essay

Hire Writer Marketers of the Overstock. The accounting and finance department will be responsible in partnering with other county departments to leverage resources that are essential toward achieving related objectives and also ensuring that quality financial services and information is provided. In addition, the operations department does the day to day operation of the business. The operations department of the Overstock.

Building an e-business n decor furniture essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Building an e-Business — Decor Furniture Essay Sample Introduction The following paper describes the various e-business strategies that can be employed for an internet based retail operation.

The niche targeted by the company is the upper and the middle upper class market for segment of the target market. The product that is provided by the company is generally customized in nature and only designer pieces are sold in the shop.

The shop is an exclusive option for the high street and high end shoppers. However with the advancement of technology that is taking place and the incremental amount of business going online, the establishment is also interested in starting online operations as well.

The company is interested in going online and making the business click and mortar business. With access to the internet the company will be exposed to larger target market. They would be able to sell their products to the target market outside the political and state boundaries of the local region.

This will significantly impact the operations of the business which will expand and can then go global in the long run.

However in order to be able to start a business or a retail option online the company will have to brand itself and its products to stand out form the competition.

Building an e-business n decor furniture essay

Advantages of becoming a click and mortar company The specific advantages which would benefit the company when it forms an e-business operation lead to increased revenues and profits.

The main factors that influence a company to seek an online option for its operation is when the company is planning on expanding or when it is operating in a saturated market and is seeking an innovative option which can lead it to a new target market.

This is mostly base don the fact the operations of the internet are very cost effective as compared to traditional businesses. These channels pertain to mail order catalogues, sales personnel and point of sale promotion.

The internet also provides the business with access to a new market. This increase in the market for the business increases the revenue and number of sales per unit of the business as well. This decreases the costs of the assets of the company and a much lower investment can as a result provide higher revenues.

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This will provide the company with strategic advantage over its competitors in the market. Aside from this the business would also be able to collect information about the customers and store it in a data repository.

Using a simple CRM software data analysis can be performed on the system which would highlight the future trends that can be expected in the demands patterns by from the customers.

Building an e-business n decor furniture essay

The barriers of entry in the industry will be increased allowing the company to enjoy a decreasing level of competition in the niche segment. More stress has been placed on the strategies which would be put in place prior and during the launch of the online operation.

The EDI strategy It would be feasible for the business to have an online operation as well as a showroom based operation. This is because the shop option of the business would provide the customers with the image and ambiance necessary to brand the business and its products.

The company will make use of EDI technology in the form of subscription and partnership with monetary management agencies like Pay Pal. The customers will be able to select the products they want to order and purchase by adding them to the shopping cart and submitting a simple order form.

The order form will prompt the customer for a type of payment service.

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These would include a money draft, credit card and pay pal services.E-business - Furniture Mart - Doing this all how comfortable for the consumer to invent website which will give all the related information and provide a variety of service offered by the seller with plenty of options and help them to selecting the competitive outlet the best deal provided and where customer will get value for money.

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