Categories of different types of school

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Categories of different types of school

Aerosols Solution Cosmetics These are the simplest type of cosmetic formulas and are used for a wide range of products such as shampoos, body wash, hand cleansers, colognes, etc. They are homogeneous mixtures of soluble ingredients. To make them you simply fill your container with the main diluent usually water then mix the rest of the ingredients into it.

Sometimes warming the system slightly will increase the speed at which you can make them.

Categories of different types of school

Emulsions are pseudo stable mixtures of immiscible liquids dispersed in another liquid. They are used for products like hand moisturizers, make up, hair conditioners, sunscreens, etc. To create them you need three formula components including an oil phase, aqueous phase, and an emulsifier.

The formulas are made by heating up the oil and water phases separately, mixing them together along with the emulsifier when they are hot, and cooling them down with thorough mixing.

The result is a cream with tiny particles of dispersed in the diluent phase.

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See our article on emulsion HLB for more information on creating emulsions. Lotions Creams are not always appropriate for some applications because they can be too heavy or greasy. In these cases, the lotion form is used.

Lotions are essentially thin creams. They are used for facial moisturizers, leave-in hair conditioners, and moisturizing cleansers. Since these are emulsions, you make them the same way you would a cream.

Categories of different types of school

They are generally easier because you do not have to worry about the emulsion getting thick enough as it cools down. Suspensions Suspensions are another product form for delivering incompatible ingredients. Unlike creams, they are typically clear products with visible particles like gelatin beads or inorganic minerals e.

They are used for sunscreens, hand washes or shampoos. To create them you need to include a polymer or clay that gives the formula some internal suspending structure. Ingredients like carbomer or bentonite clays are useful. Some common ingredients used to create pastes include petrolatum, lanolin, or dimethicone.

Making them is a simple matter of heating up the raw materials and rapidly mixing them until they are dispersed.

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These are physically blended solids that are held together by being pressed into shape. They are also generally more expensive. Powders One of the most common types of product forms for color cosmetics is powders.

They are just mixtures of solid raw materials blended together into a fine powder.

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Some typical ingredients include talc, silicates, and starch. Special equipment is needed when making these products as the fine powder can be dangerous. Gels Another common form of cosmetic products is gels. This means they stay thick until you apply a force which makes them thin and flowable. Gels are used for hair products, body washes, shaving products, and in toothpaste.Types of school and how they're run - community schools, academies, free schools, faith schools, state boarding schools.

The Different Types of Crowdfunding (and which is right for you) In this short audio post, I explain the four different types of crowdfunding, and which one is right for you. Mar 26,  · It has been said repeatedly that there are over 40 different types of seizures with more or less only the most 'popular' listed.

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Let's see if we can locate the ones that aren't. Categories of Different Types of School I will identify and describe the characteristics of six different types of state and independent school below and outline the way in which these schools are managed, the ages of the children they deal with and the curriculum that they are required to follow.

Learn About The Different Categories of Drugs and How They Affect The User's Body And Mind with, A Free Online Addiction Resource. OVERSIGHT & GOVERNANCE OF CHARTER SCHOOLS IN LOUISIANA Types 1 and 3.

Local school boards are responsible for the oversight of the Type 1 and Type 3 charters they authorize.; Each charter school or charter management organization has a board of directors which governs school finances, operations and administration.; Types 2, 4 and 5.

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