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The shame of it all. The degradation of this Tribe is absolutely disheartening. Cedric Cromwell has destroyed us. Our government has been run by Cromwell and his relatives for the most part, for almost a decade.

Elders advice

Conclusion The purpose of this article is not to analyse a literary hypothesis but to solve definitely and for all time, a mystery that is causing destruction to all the peoples of the world. Is there a single country that has escaped Elders advice depression which has thrown its sinister shadow on our life since ?

The statesmen are seemingly powerless and seek in vain for means to avert the fall of the nations of the world, into the pit of bolshevism.

Elders advice

Our entire Christian civilization is in danger of going down in smoke and chaos. How can we check that moral cancer that devours slowly all that is beautiful and noble in every nation?

How can we save our spiritual inheritance, which is many times more valuable than all material wealth? No cure is possible as long as we do not understand the cause of our ailment; a correct diagnosis must precede the application of the medicine in order to relieve the sickness which we all observe around us, but do not comprehend.

No recovery is possible until the tools of destruction are taken away from these nefarious poison mixers of the universe. Adolph Hitler realized this.

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A howl of rage from all corners of the world was the answer to his quick action - but he tore the burning fuse from the bomb set to explode in the summer of And but for this quick action, Germany today would be suffering the tragic lot of Russia.

This article must not be considered as the product of "religious intolerance of the middle Elders advice nor as an attempt to stir up pogroms and persecution, as the greater part of the world press, would like to bave you believe, in order to mislead public opinion at the behest of Judah.

No, we certainly do not recommend anything that can appear so gruesome and unjust. All that we demand, is the elimination in all countries, of those persons in key positions, who do not merit confidence. Such an unavoidable housecleaning was performed in Germany, to the relief of the population, after its long period of suffering.

From now on, the truth cannot be concealed. Facts carefully hidden by obscure conspirators are now common knowledge among sixty million people. Conscienceless criminals have decided to destroy the existing order of the whole world and to impose upon it the rule of a Satanical Messiah.

The yeast is fermenting.


In many countries there are men who perceive the impending danger and work in the direction of uniting forces for he struggle against the common enemy.

There will be no obstacles in the way of creating friendly relations among Christian Gentile nations as soon as traitors, who cause continuous friction, are eliminated. The truth will come out into the daylight and all who will struggle against it, will be ground down, and this is the truth which must be loudly proclaimed.

The depression was deliberately planned for a certain hour and had been directed carefully and groomed, through decades by criminals obsessed with the lust for power, murder and greed. The actual program was drawn up about 40 years ago and was first revealed in print, in a small pamphlet known as "The Secrets of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Elders advice

They quickly disappeared from circulation and attracted little or no attention. One copy nevertheless reached the British Museum in and was catalogued under the number D.

The London "Times" stated on August 17, The astounding breakdown of a great state due to attack by Bolshiviks and the presence of countless Jews among them, had the result that many people were looking for - reasonable explanations of the catastrophe.

The "Protocols" furnished this explanation, especially as the tactics of the Bolsheviks at many points, were identical with the recommendations of the "Protocols. One edition dated in German bears the title "The Jewish-Danger;" it attracted much attention. Public opinion became excited through the sudden revelation of this hellish conspiracy for the destruction of the Christian Civilization.

The "Morning Post" of London devoted several columns to this subject. A sensational article appeared in the "Times" of May 8,from which the following quotation was taken: Has a gang of criminals really drawn up such plans and is triumphing over their fulfilment?

Are they a forgery? But how can one explain then this terrible prophetic gift that foretold all this before hand? Did we fight all these years to destroy the world power of Germany only to find ourselves now facing a much more dangerous enemy?

Is there any wonder then that the powerful influences against which this terrible indictment is directed, made all possible efforts to bring this document into discredit? Clever steps were undertaken to prove that the "Protocols" were forgeries.30 Lessons for Loving: Advice from the Wisest Americans on Love, Relationships, and Marriage [Karl Pillemer Ph.D.] on initiativeblog.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Global Climate Change: The Earth Has Shifted, Say Inuit Elders A new warning has come to NASA from the Inuits. They are warning that the change in climate is not due to global warming but rather, because of the Earth shifting a bit.

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As a new elder you will likely feel the pressure to “prove yourself.” Don’t fall into this trap. Jesus has called you to serve, and the church has recognized this calling.

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Inuit are the descendants of what anthropologists call the Thule culture, who emerged from western Alaska around CE. They had split from the related Aleut group about 4, years ago and from northeastern Siberian migrants, possibly related to the Chukchi language group, still earlier, descended from the third major migration from Siberia.

They spread eastwards across the Arctic.

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