How to write a church capital campaign letter

Brick Fund Raiser Dear Donor, I'm sure you are aware of the important role that name of the organization plays in helping people whose lives are impacted by purpose of the charity here. This important work is supported largely by the support of generous donors who contribute to our annual capital campaign. This year's goal is dollar amountwhich will allow name of organization to continue providing much needed services to those in our community who are in need of assistance.

How to write a church capital campaign letter

So what does it take to write attention-grabbing church capital campaign letters that achieve your desired fundraising goals? Creativity, up-to-the-minute content, and great vision casting.

As you contemplate the words you will use for your next capital campaign fundraising letter, here are some tips for success: If your first words grab their attention, they are more likely to read the rest of the letter. Write to One Person. Imagine you are writing to a certain person in your church, not the entire congregation.

This will help your letter to sound more personable. Use singular words, not plural: Tell your one individual that you are writing just about the campaign, and that you want a response by a specific date such as a pledge amount that is sacrificial but in their range of ability to give.

Explain that their commitment will help with this specific project. Often we make the mistake of adding other needs of the church, resulting in a letter that misses the real point of your request. People respond to a heart touching story more so than to the facts of the need. These need to be real experiences that demonstrate what God is doing in the lives of your children, youth or adults.

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Use descriptive words to clarify your ask, without exaggerating or embellishing. People want to get on board with a winning vision. Avoid including such things as your mission statement or a long description of your future plans. Extremely detailed numbers confuse people.

Having said that, people do tend to read a two page letter word-for-word as opposed to a one page letter because they get the feeling that something really important is coming if it takes this long to tell it.

In some cases, bolding or italicizing words or phrases helps, but use sparingly since people will skip the other parts and just read the bolded parts. Since you are writing to a specific person, try to include information that may impact their lives directly as well as their families. Use the PS Effectively.

People always read the PS at the bottom of the letter.

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Use this to reemphasize what it is you are asking them to do. If you have trouble getting started, the best thing to do is to simply begin writing something and soon the thoughts and ideas will flow.In the church, we usually send one letter to everyone, assuming the same motivation, capacity, investment and desire exists in each receiver.

Nothing could be further than the truth! For the large donor who is consistent and has capacity, the “church needs your money” letter lacks a thank you for their generosity and fails to acknowledge.

If you’re planning a capital campaign, here’s probably the single most important piece of advice you’ll get: Spend time each and every day thanking people in a personal way.

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Thank them thoroughly for what they’re doing to help. Sample Follow-up Letter for Those Who Give or Commit to a Pledge “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.” (Psalm ) It is critically important to confirm gifts or pledges to a fundraising campaign in a .

A professionally facilitated church capital campaign will typically raise between one and three times the church’s current annual income. A capital campaign is an important part of every church’s financial strategy, whether it is looking to raise money to build a church, renovate or to retire debt.

Often we make the mistake of adding other needs of the church, resulting in a letter that misses the real point of your request. Stay focused on the capital campaign goals and the specific request you’re making in order to increase positive responses.

Tell Stories.

how to write a church capital campaign letter

People respond to a heart touching story more so than to the facts of the need. Capital Campaign Letter Sample. The following letter is a sample used for a capital campaign. It can be customized to your specific organization and its needs.

Tips for Writing a Capital Campaign Letter