If we could meet by the sea online

Sanjay Gupta visited a family and discussed the problems in great detail from the medical point of view. One particular sentence caught my attention:

If we could meet by the sea online

To use it, women would need to put the device onto one quadrant of their breasts and leave it there briefly. This procedure is repeated until four scans are done per breast plus the areas under the armpits. Abrams is now working on building the hardware around the software, and said it could take one to three years for the final product to reach the market.

Once the product completes pre-market clinical studies, the company will reapply for FDA approval, she said, as the software was originally approved for clinical use.

If we could meet by the sea online

About one in eight women in the US will develop invasive breast cancer, according to Breastcancer. Abrams, originally from Boise, Idaho, and a convert to Judaism, first came up with the idea of finding an easy way to monitor for early breast cancer while she was completing her post-doctoral position as a biomedical scientist at NASA, and after her cousin was diagnosed.

She realized there was a need to help women objectify their breast self-exams. Women are told by Breastcancer. A woman with breast cancer undergoing a CT scan, June 18, So she started working on an app that included a breast map that would allow women to mark anything they found on their breasts and monitor developments on a monthly basis.

After she left NASA to work for an ultrasound company, she formed critical connections with ultrasound scientists around the world. Shortly after moving to Israel nine months ago from San Diego, Abrams filed a provisional patent for her idea.

In this way, the physician can see if there is a change in the mass, and distinguish a change that requires follow up from one that does not.

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Keeping cancer at bay The key to keeping breast cancer at bay, Abrams said, is to monitor regularly, to keep tabs of the development, and to catch the cancer before it spreads to other parts of the body, after which survival rates drop exponentially.

Women who use the device do an initial baseline, whole-breast ultrasound, then, every month, when reminded by the app, repeat their scans. Those scans will then be compared back to the baseline scan, so if there are changes, users will be notified and may send the images to their physician. And only 63, of the cases are of stage 0 cancer.

I want to reverse those numbers. And the only way we can do this is through monthly monitoring. For the future, Abrams hopes to expand the capabilities of the device to not only distinguish between benign and malignant tumors, but also to distinguish between different types of malignancies and to to monitor the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

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