Kate chopins works methods and means essay

After the last chapter of the novel, you can read about small corrections made in this online text. You should be able to read the text easily on a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone.

Kate chopins works methods and means essay

The people Edna meets and the experiences she has on Grand Isle awaken desires and urges for music, sexual satisfaction, art, and freedom that she can no longer bear to keep hidden.

Like a child, Edna begins to see the world around her with a fresh perspective, forgetting the behavior expected of her and ignoring the effects of her unconventional actions. She emerges from a state of devoted wife and mother to a state of total awareness in which she discovers her own identity and acts on her desires for emotional and sexual satisfaction.

During her gradual awakening, Edna learns at least three new "languages" and modes of expressing herself that lead to the revelation of her long-repressed emotions.

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These new languages will be further dealt with in the course of this paper. At the beginning of the novel, Edna exists in a sort of semi-conscious state. Edna has always been a romantic, enamored with a cavalry officer at a very young age, in love with a man visiting a neighboring plantation in her teens, and infatuated with Kate chopins works methods and means essay tragedian as a young woman.

Although she expected her dreams of romance to disappear along with her youth, her fantasies and yearnings only remain latent, re-emerging on Grand Isle in the form of her passion for Robert Lebrun. Edna Pontellier is a respectable woman of the late s who not only acknowledges her sexual desires, but also has the strength and courage to act on them.

Breaking through the role appointed to her by society, she discovers her own identity. Through a series of experiences, or "awakenings," Edna becomes a shockingly independent woman, who lives apart from her husband and children and is responsible only to her own urges and passions.

Tragically, Edna's awakenings isolate her from others and ultimately lead her to a state of total solitude. The major conflict is that once Edna embarks upon her quest for independence and self-fulfillment, she finds herself at odds with the expectations and conventions of society, which requires a married woman to subvert her own needs to those of her husband and children.

The novel is set inat a time when the Industrial Revolution and the feminist movement were beginning to emerge yet were still overshadowed by the prevailing attitudes of the nineteenth century. The Awakening was first published in at the height of Chopin's popularity.

Ironically, this work, now regarded as a classic, essentially marked the end of Chopin's writing career.

The Awakening Thesis Statements and Important Quotes Although first titled "The Dream of an Hour", the first reprinting in changed the title to what we know today.

The reading public was shocked by her sympathetic view toward the actions and emotions of the sexually aware and independent female protagonist.

The feminist movement, just beginning to emerge in other parts of America, was almost entirely absent in the conservative state of Louisiana. In fact, under Louisiana law, a woman was still considered the property of her husband.

Chopin's novel was scorned and ostracized for its open discussion of the emotional and sexual needs of women. For Edna, independence and solitude are almost inseparable. The expectations of tradition coupled with the limitations of law gave women of the late s very few opportunities for individual expression, not to mention independence.

Kate chopins works methods and means essay

Expected to perform their domestic duties and care for the health and happiness of their families, Victorian women were prevented from seeking the satisfaction of their own wants and needs.

It was deemed scandalous for a woman to indulge in passionately sexual conduct as females were allowed access to sexuality only as a subsidiary component of their desire for children Victorian values are omnipresent in the novel.

The lady in black embodies the patient, resigned solitude that convention expects of a woman whose husband has died. However, her solitude does not speak to any sort of independence or strength; it rather owes to a self-effacing withdrawal from life and passion out of utter respect for her husband's death.

Throughout the novel, the lady in black remains silent, which contributes to her lack of individuality and to her role within the text as the symbol of the socially acceptable husbandless woman.

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The two lovers represent the form of young love accepted by society. Always appearing in conjunction with the lady in black, the lovers represent the stage of a woman's life that precedes her maternal duties. The Farival twins represent the destiny of adolescent Victorian girls:Critical Analysis: Kate Chopin's "The Awakening" Essay Words 8 Pages In the novel The Awakening, Kate Chopin () uses deep symbolism to show how the main character, Edna Pontellier, discovers her own independence in the society in .

mla documentation guidelines Parenthetical documentation is a shorthand system for acknowledging sources of information. Instead of using footnotes and bibliography, you use in-text citations and Works Cited/Works Consulted lists. INTRODUCTION In the short story, Desiree’s Baby, written by Kate Chopin there is a sense of karma and consequences that is used in the story.

The story explores the problem of a man’s pride. The Story of an Hour is a short story written by regionalist writer Kate Chopin. In it, the author creates a character that must process the news of her husband's death.

The losses in Kate Chopin‟s life had serious impacts on her views and writing. For example, her father‟s death inspired her to write “The Story of an Hour,” which was the imagined effect she thought it would have on her mother.

Kate Chopin’s Works, Methods, and Means Kate Chopin’s writing style was as unusual as her subject matter. She never took notes, or observed people, places, or things with the intent of using them as literary material (Seyerstead ).

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