Laser printer custom paper sizes

You can specify a custom size of between 5. If you need the paper size, contact your service representative.

Laser printer custom paper sizes

For Windows users Note: You also cannot select Maximum or Centered as the Printable Area setting, or use the functions on the Layout menu.

Do not select PhotoEnhance in the printer software, as this may cause your printout to have gaps.

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After the roll paper is loaded in the printer, follow the steps below to configure your printer software for printing. Open the file you want to print in the appropriate application.

Access the printer software from within the application. For details laser printer custom paper sizes accessing the software, refer to the application's user manual.

In many applications, you can select Print directly from the File menu, then access the printer software by clicking the Properties button.

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When you select a predefined paper size, if the data exceeds the selected size, it is printed as individual pages on the roll paper. A 36 mm margin is inserted between each page of data when you press the roll paper button. To define a custom paper size, select User Defined from the list.

laser printer custom paper sizes

The User Defined Paper Size dialog box opens, allowing you to specify the length and width of your document. If the data is not larger than the size of the loaded paper, the data is printed as one page.

This allows you to print large or long data without page breaks. For more information, see Printing area and margins. Do not select Sheet Feeder as the Paper Source setting in the printer software when roll paper is loaded in the sheet feeder.

Doing so causes unnecessary paper to be fed after each print job. If you have already started printing, cancel the print job from the printer software referring to Cancelling Printing. Wait until the printer stops printing and feeding paper.

Cut off the paper at the back of the printer, then turn off the printer. The remaining paper is ejected. If the Cutter is attached, select the types of cutting from the Auto Cut list box. The Auto Cut settings are as follows: Manual Cut No cutting with the Cutter is done. Paper-Saving Cut The paper is cut at the boundary between images the boundary between pages.

However, the cutting position may shift slightly. In this mode, the space between images is extended and the paper is cut twice inside this space. Normal Cut is selectable only when printing with Borderless selected. Use the Cutter after you attach it and adjust the cutting position.

Refer to the Cutting position adjustment with Automatic Roll Paper Cutter for more details about the cutting position adjustment.

Make the Roll Paper Option settings at the bottom of the dialog box. The Roll Paper Option settings are as follows: Banner Mode Select this mode when you want to print multi-page data as continuous data on the roll paper, rather than as individual pages. When this check box is selected, the Save Roll Paper check box is enabled.

Cut Sheet Mode Select this mode when you want to print multi-page data as individual pages, rather than as continuous data.

When this check box is selected, the Print page frame check box is enabled. Save roll paper Select this check box when you want to save roll paper.

When this check box is selected, the blank portion of the last page of your document is not fed through the printer.

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This feature is only available when Manual Cut and Banner Mode are selected, and not available when cutting with the cutter. Print page frame Select this check box to print a line on the roll paper between pages in a multi-page document to indicate where the paper should be cut.

This feature is useful when it is unclear where the page breaks should be or where the paper should be cut after the last page has been printed. This feature is only available when Manual Cut and Cut Sheet Mode are selected, and not available when cutting with the cutter.Manage print volumes for mid-sized workgroups efficiently with the SP DN laser printer, using both a built-in sheet paper tray and sheet bypass tray, which accommodate a wide range of paper sizes - including custom sizes up to " x 14".

Aug 27,  · What is available for paper sizes depends entirely on the printer. What you see is not necessarily what others see. My DeskJet has no custom options and a different list of standard sizes that my HP Laser printer.

And none of them have "Custom1", "Custom2", etcGary S. Terhune MS-MVP Shell/User Additionally, a survey of Brother color and monochrome laser printer and all-in-one customers revealed that 93% of Brother laser owners are satisfied with the reliability of their Brother laser printer and that 91% of Brother laser owners would recommend Brother laser printers to a .

Label Printers and Presses for Work. Our best-in-class label printing solutions can help improve your overall productivity, no matter what your industry or need. Insert the custom size paper into Tray 1 (MPT).

Adjust the guides to match the size of the paper. Place the side to be printed facedown with the top of the page toward the back of the printer.

When prompted by the front panel to confirm the paper type and size: 2. Press the OK button to accept the current setting, or to change the paper size.

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