Marko kloos essays for scholarships

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Marko kloos essays for scholarships

Beschreibung bei Amazon Marko Kloos is a German-born writer who moved to the United States later on in his life where he developed his writing career. Before becoming a writer he served in the army, he worked as an IT administrator, sold books, worked at the docks and none of those jobs seemed to cut it for him.

His genre is mainly fiction books especially science fiction. His career in the army seems to have an impact on his writing as many of them will involve war.

He is also known to be a pro guns supporter who believes citizens should be able to protect themselves with private ammunition.

marko kloos essays for scholarships

Despite his stand on gun ownership, he says he likes kind people and likes to drink scotch and take long walks on the beach with scotch. Like many writers he is witty and a bit critical of society.

One of Marko Kloos famous books is Lines of Departure which is the second of the Series Frontlines a series of military science fiction books. The plot revolves marko kloos essays for scholarships aliens known as lankies who are tall and lanky, hence the name, who have an affinity for the extermination of anything that is not their species.

Like many science fiction stories, it is a story of a battle to overcome an enemy who poses a threat to the existence of humanity and the humans must unite to overcome the adversaries who have more superior weaponry. Earth meanwhile is also facing its own struggles as it has turned into a hopeless existence that threatens to cause its own self-destruction Amidst all the hopelessness and degeneration of earth, steps out the Hero Andrew Grayson who must contend with lots of adversity and the harsh reality of war to save the day.

Most of the story in this book revolves around Grayson and the reader will follow the plot mostly through the eyes of Grayson who in this series is a bit older and more mature than the young soldier he used to be in the first series of Frontlines.

In the first book Grayson is presented as a young boy with next to nothing going for him and he is desperate to just be able to get a good meal and maybe a ticket off the earth. He ends up joining the army with the hope of getting food, but he realises his enlistment is much more than he had bargained.

He probably is the picture of many young boys who join the army just to get out of home or to get out of a gang and end up finding the harsh realities of life. By the time the reader is introduced to him again in Lines of departure, he has gone through a lot and he has developed a rather cynical view of life and people, but no one can blame him considering all that surrounds him and his experience in life, yet he still has a factor about his character that draws the reader towards him and motivates the reader to carry on reading.

One may be moved to ask if Marko sees himself in the character of Grayson. Lines of Departure was followed by Lucky Thirteen which is Series 2: Marko Kloos manages to capture the reader in what could be described as an edge of the seat tale about Halley who is a close friend of Grayson.

It is a very short book, could be described as a chapter, but it manages to be very gripping.

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Any fan of military science fiction would love this book especially if they have read Terms of Enlistment. Halley is a very big character as well in these books as she is the love interest of Grayson and is a strong-spirited individual who also has a way of endearing the reader towards her.

Lucky Thirteen gives her the limelight and helps to set the stage for the rest of the sequels. Marko Kloos said he was inspired by his time in the army to write military fiction books which could give him the chance to be a social commentator without being too much of a preacher.

The Author is self published and was amazingly very successful with that as he was described as the most successful self-publisher in He reveals that it had not always been his intention to self publish but he had a large number of rejections and other people who just received his book and never opened the package and the last straw was when he received a rejection from a completion that he had applied to and he realised he had run out of publishers to send his book to which is when he decided to try out self-publishing which resulted in success.

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