Organic way to grow essay contest 2012

The Challenge of Environmental Ethics Suppose putting out natural fires, culling feral animals or destroying some individual members of overpopulated indigenous species is necessary for the protection of the integrity of a certain ecosystem. Will these actions be morally permissible or even required? Is it morally acceptable for farmers in non-industrial countries to practise slash and burn techniques to clear areas for agriculture? Consider a mining company which has performed open pit mining in some previously unspoiled area.

Organic way to grow essay contest 2012

Since its inception inveganism has been a position of non-participation in animal exploitation. ALL animals — whether human or other species — by virtue of being feeling and conscious — possess the birth right not to be bought and sold as a commodity, owned like a slave, oppressed, exploited, or attacked by humans.

How normal would it appear to see a human suckling on a cow's udder? I have a very different way of defining strange. Eating corpses is strange.

What is socially accepted and passes for normal is actually cruel and callous. Because humans are in fact animals, we are able to have empathy for fellow animals; who have many similar features. And when we empathize, we can clearly see that animals feel.

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They leap in joy. They speak - but like someone from another country, they speak a different language. If we tune into them and want to hear what they are saying — we can communicate and see that they feel much like we do - they want to live their lives naturally and free from harm, and protect and nurture their offspring.

When we empathize, we see that animals have two eyes, a face, and a brain.

Inform. Educate. Inspire. Lighting products even cut two thirds of energy use compared to regular lighting products. Recycling is often viewed as a joke; many people do not believe that allof the little things add up!

They have a nervous, reproductive, digestive, circulatory, and respiratory system. They have pain receptors; and therefore feel pain as we do. Farming, imprisoning, and anally electrocuting fur-wearing animals so we can adorn ourselves in their skins, as well as any number of business-as-usual practices presently considered 'normal' by society — are, in reality - savage.

We can all do better. Each of us can do our part in uplifting the collective consciousness of humankind. What role could be more important for us to play in this feature film called Life?

We have to expand our respect for others to include anyone; any being with feelings and consciousness. Long-term vegans have established a way to live without directly demanding animal exploitation.

Organic way to grow essay contest 2012

For 35 years, my cosmetics and toiletries, food, clothing, and products have been free of animal ingredients nor were they tested on animals. It is a mistaken belief that animals are higher or lower — they are other species of animals, fellow Earthlings.

What is considered normal - is not normal. Humans have been bullies, captors, slave-masters. In Truth with a capital Twhat is really normal is the vegan concept; the perspective where every animal has the right not to be exploited or violently assaulted by humans.

We can be protectors, defenders, friends to animals, rescuers - however, at the very least, people have a duty to not harm beings that are unquestionably sentient.

Humans must return to the animals what is rightfully theirs. We are advocating for fundamental rights of anyone sentient. The many benefits of plant-powered living are too vast to ignore.Summer has been making its presence known this month, but most of the summer heat is still in front of us: from Justin Bieber's sophomore set to the Smashing Pumpkin's first studio album in five.

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