Phish as a sensory experience essay

Deciding to cover Remain in Light, an album centered on percussive grooves, forced the band to acclimate to a different style of play. As moved into its second half, Phish hovered in a holding pattern, ready for a fresh musical path, but not exactly sure what that would be. As a result, their initial east coast run of the Fall was nothing to write home about.

Phish as a sensory experience essay

As part of an assignment for my philosophy course, I interviewed Andy Greenberg, guitarist for Runaway Gin. Far more than a critical attitude toward music, my experience at the R. Andy spoke of a similar experience with Phish. While Andy found it hard to put a label on Phish because the band incorporates many diverse components: For Andy, the role of a tribute band is to create a unique experience for every person.

The music itself combines enough elements that the songs should be adaptive, full of life, and allowed to breathe. In a memorable moment, he stated: They both have all the same parts but the former is frigid and lifeless — the latter being adaptive and full of spirit.

Interview Transcript Why did you want to be part of Phish tribute band? How did you know that a Phish Tribute band would work? This was a good thing as it inspired me to dig deeper and go further musically than I may have otherwise.

I first put a Phish Tribute together at the request of a music venue who was looking for a weekly Phish series. It allows me to save creativity for different aspects of the production than I would otherwise apply it to.

Also learning material that I love is always inspiring and teaches me so much about the writers and band — almost like doing a dissection. Also I really love to pay tribute to my favorite artists to try to return to the universe some of that positive energy and inspiration that I have received from them.

What makes Runaway Gin different from other tribute bands? As a Phish tribute I always thought it was key for us to play a different show every night, also every song we played should be different each time.

Tributes of other bands probably play the same songs most nights in the same order.

Phish as a sensory experience essay

Phish, in my opinion, has always been about the moment and letting the energy in play from the crowd and the band effect the music to the greatest degree possible. Thus in the early stages of planning we were faced with the decision of doing a Darkstar Orchestra style tribute recreating shows of the past in their entirety vs.

The choice was obvious for me.

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While recreating shows might be apropos for a Dead Tribute Phish, I feel, is best honored by attempting the capture the moment as they do as opposed to drawing from previous moments in time which to me would be far more limiting as an artist.

For a band like Phish a huge part of the experience is their chemistry and ease in playing together.

Phish as a sensory experience essay

This is something that we have worked to develop from day one. It just comes from hanging out and playing together — going on the road is a good bonding experience. Dealing with issues together and resolving them. Working well together under pressure.

This is a central part of our tribute as it is a central part of Phish. A good cover of a Phish song I would say is based on several criteria.

First and foremost — on composed sections did everyone play the right parts? Second would be the execution of that correct part — did they play it with the right feeling, dynamic, that the moment calls for? Are they listening to everyone else playing and acting in concert with their band mates?

Feel the moment of the day, of the year, of your life — feel the crowds energy and let it bend and shape the music.

Now the true improvisatory side of Phish material: Is the jam truly a jam? This has to be incorporated into a Phish cover just as it is if Phish were actually playing the song.Essay about Pushing the Sensory Human Experience: The Physics of Roller Coasters But thankfully engineers were able to create a new design for the loop.

This clothoid shape, or tear drop shaped loop, (See Appendix C) allows the train to safely invert riders. May 05,  · Sensory information is the result of physical stimuli collected by sense organs and transferred and processed in the brain, whereas perception is the interpretation of these stimuli that occurs at the higher levels of the brain (Hatfield, ).

Essay on Phish as a Sensory Experience - Phish as a Sensory Experience When I try to think of a sensory experience, one that comes to mind is a Phish show that I . Phish as a Sensory Experience Essay Phish as a Sensory Experience When I try to think of a sensory experience, one that comes to mind is a Phish show that I went .

As they consistently did with their music, Phish pushed the envelope of what was possible in a live music experience, creating a brand new festival model.

The Clifford Ball It wasn’t just the various forms of entertainment that made The Clifford Ball so unique, it was the emerging sense of the Phish community that permeated the weekend. Phish as a Sensory Experience Essay. Phish as a Sensory Experience When I try to think of a sensory experience, one that comes to mind is a Phish show that I went to about two summers ago with two friends.

That summer of was something else indeed.

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