Rencontres mondiales du logiciel libre 2013

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Rencontres mondiales du logiciel libre 2013

Other ways of working with LilyPond. Features Excellent classical engraving LilyPond allows musicians to produce elegant sheet music that is easy to read. Its developer community has spent thousands of hours developing powerful music engraving software that results in beautifully engraved music.

LilyPond output has the same strong, balanced and elegant look as the best-engraved classical scores. This is further explained in our Essay.

Rencontres mondiales du logiciel libre 2013

Text input Everything is explicit LilyPond processes text input, which contains all information about the content of your score and can easily be read by any human or another program.

There are no obscure settings hidden behind menu items and binary file storage. Read more about this concept on Text input.

Rencontres mondiales du logiciel libre 2013

If you should accidentally break anything you can easily revert or modify any decision without being at the mercy of an Undo function.

Text files are failure- and future-proof Text files are very robust against file corruption. Manage your scores with version control Text files are applicable to be managed by version control.

Version control may also open up new collaborative workflows for you. Usability Effective layout choices Spend less time with tweaking the output; LilyPond gets the formatting correct right from the start.


It determines spacing by itself, and breaks lines and pages to provide a tight and uniform layout. Clashes between lyrics, notes, and chords are resolved and slurs and beams are sloped, automatically! Mix music and text Put fragments of music into texts without cutting and pasting pictures.

Plugins are also available to allow LilyPond code in various blogs and wikis, making online collaboration possible. Accessibility Text-based input also makes score-writing possible for users with severe physical disabilities.


Dexterity-impaired users who are unable to type or control a computer mouse can use speech-recognition software to edit LilyPond files. Even users who are totally blind can use screen-reading software to write LilyPond files — an impossible task in graphical-based score-writing programs.

You can see a spectacular score on Examples. Editor diversity Several developers, themselves active LilyPond users, have written tools specifically aimed at making the process of editing LilyPond files faster and more effective; you are not tied to a single user interface but can use different tools for different tasks.

For some examples, see Easier editing. Extensible design Easy management of style sheets All layout settings can be changed to suit your personal typographical taste. As these are also written as text and can be stored in separate files you can simply switch between two stylesheets to produce scores with a completely different appearance or layout.Pour se tenir au courant au quotidien de l’actualité de l’association et du village de Patrimonio.

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