Rules on competition

Still got a question? Can I run with my baby in a stroller? How about my dog? Unfortunately, we cannot allow strollers or dogs or any animals on the course for safety reasons.

Rules on competition

The Games Committee is responsible for establishing, implementing, communicating, and enforcing the Rules of Competition for each event. Every competitor shall be provided with a race number, which shall be conspicuously worn on the FRONT when competing. The race numbers are to be worn as issued cutting or folding numbers is not permitted.

No athlete shall be permitted to participate in the Alaska Airlines Bay to Breakers without the appropriate number or numbers. Once a number has been assigned to a competitor, no other competitor may use it. Participant race numbers are personal and may not be exchanged with or transferred to any other person.

Each participant shall provide photo identification at the time of number pick-up verifying that they are the individual to whom the race number is assigned. In the event an authorized participant wishes to have another individual pick up their race number for them, they must have photo identification for themselves.

Race numbers may be picked up only at the times and in the manner specified in the written instructions provided to participants. No special arrangements will be made. Entry fees are non-refundable, and may not be deferred or otherwise transferred.

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Participants are responsible for verifying that the BibTag timing device on the back of each Bib is working properly Rules on competition to the race and worn correctly during the race. Participants Under Age All competitors are responsible Rules on competition knowing the starting time, knowing the assembly method, and for being at the starting line at the appointed time for instructions and the start of the race.

Participants shall assemble for the race not less than 10 minutes prior to the start of the race. Start will be indicated by line on the road not more than 5 cm wide. With BibTag timing, all mats at the start will be placed before the measured starting line.

Rules of Competition

All competitors must be behind the line when starting. Race will be started by a universal starting pistol or an air horn. The commands of the starter will be decided by the Race Director. False starts in road races should not be recalled.

All questions regarding the start shall be determined by the Starter. The Starter shall report to the Race Director any misconduct by any competitors at the start. The Race Director shall have the authority to disqualify such competitors. Race Time is Official: False starts in road races shall not be recalled.

Official time is elapsed time between start of timing devices and the athlete crossing the finishing line. If an athlete crosses the start line after the start of the timing devices, the elapsed time can be made known to the athlete but will not be considered as official time.

Rules on competition

Elapsed times will be displayed or read at various points along the Alaska Airlines Bay to Breakers course for the benefit of the runners and to record such time intervals. The Alaska Airlines Bay to Breakers course will be adequately marked at strategic points to keep competitors on course.

Turns and major intersections on the course will be monitored by Course Marshalls. A record will be made of the runners and their running times at specific points on the course.

Competitions can be illegal lotteries unless skill is required

The course will be free of vehicular traffic and all dangerous intersections will be staffed to provide for traffic and spectator control.

A lead vehicle may be provided, with additional vehicles to assist in monitoring the competition, timing, or other required functions as determined by the Games Committee.

No competitor, after leaving the course, will be allowed to rejoin a race either for the purpose of gaining a place or to pace or to assist another competitor. A competitor may leave the road with the permission and under the control of an authorized official, provided that by going off or returning to the course the athlete does not lessen the distance to be covered.

Except as provided in USATF Rulea competitor who has received any assistance whatsoever from any other person may be disqualified by the Race Director. It also includes pacing in running events by persons not participating in the event. It does not include participation of an officially designated pacesetter in the race, provided such pacesetters start in the event.

Competitors may carry or wear articles of personal equipment such as wrist chronometers and heart rate monitor. Verbal or other communication, without the use of any technical device, from an individual who is not in the competition area to an athlete who is in the competition area will not be considered assistance.

No attendant or competitor who is not actually taking part in the competition will accompany any competitor in the competition, nor will any competitor be allowed, without permission of the Race Director, to receive assistance or refreshment from anyone during the progress of the competition.The laws of running a competition in Great Britain.

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ccsai classic league 1. classic league 11u qualifying tournament. july 27, – august 5, rules of the competition. i. teams: 1. roster freeze date is . Competition rules EU rules on cartels, market dominance, mergers and state aid, how to report anti-competitive behaviour.

Antitrust Antitrust policy in the EU, procedures in anticompetitive case, procedures in abuse of dominance case. NYRR's Rules of Competition and list of Prohibited Items for runners. Rules of Competition Regional symposia follow the National Rules of Competition.

Application requirements vary by region. Contact your region for more regional competition details. Please refer to the complete Rules of Competition for requirements and guidelines for Regional and National JSHS competitions.

This document outlines: . Violation of Rules of Competition. All violations of the Rules of Competition will be referred to the NYRR Rules Committee, who will review the infraction and determine a resolution taking into consideration all relevant facts and circumstances.

Competitive Rules