The perspectives of a mexican american in the chapter mr secrets from richard rodriguezs hunger of m

Sea of chaos and despair for African refugees The Australian Sea of chaos and despair for African refugees The Australian A refugee boat intercepted in the Mediterranean last year. The public still wants an end to the chaos - The Drum Australian. Tony Abbott is closely aligned with the chaos of the past six or Migrant ship washes up on Greek island in second tragedy hours.

The perspectives of a mexican american in the chapter mr secrets from richard rodriguezs hunger of m

September 4, at 5: I have been to very type of doctor you can image attempting to identify the physical problems I have encountered. To put this in context, I have a device in my brain which was not indentifiable by any any medical science but through research.

This system can cause every negative event in your life. It can also cause your death. I am a professional pilot and this system is used on me while flying passengers in high density areas of the country. Making this very dangerous and can make you look like a complete idiot.

The perspectives of a mexican american in the chapter mr secrets from richard rodriguezs hunger of m

I have seen the system with my own eyes and can tell you, your private life will cease as you know it. Please if you are a attorney or know anyone at NSA please help make my profession a safe operation by stopping the torture on me and allowing me to be normal.

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I beg you to take action. Kassandra September 11, at Thank you for your attention. It seems I am also being monitored by this devil technology called RNM Remote neural monitoring atleast for the last 5 years.

At the beginning i thought i have some mental problem but now i know that is not the case. It seems to me that the people who are torturing me speaks my own local language but i dont think it is the local people who are doing it.

May the super crappy computers they are using can also speak in many different languages and can monitor anyone via satellite.

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Sometimes i also feel what is happenning to me is beyond human limitations both ways but i dont know the exact answer.

I am too little to know why I am targetted, I am just a simple person from a poor developing nation. Whatever that is, that is the biggest devil the history has ever encountered with and this counld bring the end of human kind.

The perspectives of a mexican american in the chapter mr secrets from richard rodriguezs hunger of m

Wish someone could just stop it and companasate all the damages that we have suffered in our life. Kassandra October 8, at Good luck my friend October 11, at As far as I know, in I first encountered with this remote harassment and it continues till now. At that time my wife was pregnant and we were expecting our first child and she was living with her father overseas.

I was living with my mother and sister in our own home.

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I started to listen to voices in my own language that were reading out my own mind and everything I was doing. I heard conversation of several people who could follow me anywhere I go and read what I was thinking inside my mind and they would create noises and disturbances that most likely I could only hear but no one else and they would verbally abuse me.

The situation started to deteriorate so much that I could hardly sleep at night as every time I tried to sleep they would wake me up with a big bang or some kind of electric shock.

Sometimes I felt my feets were getting paralyzed due to some external force and someone operating some vibrational force on my heart, brain, ear, nose etc. Then I went to see a psychiatrist who said I might be schizophrenic and gave me some med. Taking those medicine finally I was able to sleep because it had strong sleeping pill and I would hear less than usual bcause of that med.

Situation also makes people stronger and that actually happened to me that mentally and physically I tried to become stronger to survive. In addition God gifted me with a new born child and all that helped me to cope with that situation.

They mess-up my computer, mobile phone remotely and it seems they are so powerful so that I am unable to do positive or important things in life.

In the process I had to leave several very good jobs because of very silly reasons. Basically whoever wathcing me, they want to slow poison me to death and it is like a strategy game they are playing with real human being.

I do believe even my wife and son are also suffering the side effects of what is happening to me if not more. In the last few years we had major health problems and drastic chages how we look like.Led by a fierce and fearless female lawyer with a hunger for justice, the team reopens investigations, putting their own lives in danger to exonerate the innocent that were “proven” guilty.

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