What ways are they different and what ways are alike

Increased cross-talk between regions specialized for different functions may account for the many types of synesthesia. For example, the additive experience of seeing color when looking at graphemes might be due to cross-activation of the grapheme-recognition area and the color area called V4 see figure. However, if normal feedback were not inhibited as usual, then signals feeding back from late stages of multi-sensory processing might influence earlier stages such that tones could activate vision.

What ways are they different and what ways are alike

While this worked to some extent, the changing expectations of employees in the workplace requires greater collaboration. While I do believe that employees must take charge, the organization needs to help facilitate the process by providing clarity and opportunity. In this new world, based on the work and research I have done in career management, I believe there are six key things that organizations can do to help facilitate career success: If the company plans on pursuing new opportunities which would make some skill sets obsolete, employees should know this up front and decide for themselves if it is time to move on or if they want to be on the forefront of developing new skills to help explore new opportunities.

Helping to learn about new opportunities within the organization Many employees find it easier to leave their current organization to get new experiences and build their portfolio of skills than to take a new role in a different function within the current organization.

In fact, it is common for managers to horde good talent for their own personal needs than to look at what is best for the individual and the organization. Senior management can help change this behavior by encouraging and facilitating internal transfers.

If employees value growth and learning, then we must find new ways for them to learn the business within the organization. Moving to different functions can help build a breadth of knowledge of the organization that will help individuals build leadership skills. Managers need to get better at looking beyond their own group for growth opportunities for their direct reports.

Proactively manage opportunities for high-potential employees Most people learn through experience, so getting access to development opportunities is key for retaining top talent and keeping them engaged. However, more often than not access to new opportunities is either dependent on being in the right place at the right time, or being connected and hearing about the opportunity before others.

What ways are they different and what ways are alike

When we leave it up to managers to find development opportunities for their employees our results are often hit or miss. When considering your most valuable employees it is important to be more purposeful in their development and to plan for key experiences that will help to develop the skills they need to become good managers or leaders.

Some companies have taken the approach of creating a talent council where the most high-potential employees are discussed and their development needs indentified. Then this council works to identify upcoming openings or special assignments that will help to build the skills or experiences needed for personal growth.

Help employees customize their own career Employees have different cycles in their lives and the employers who are most able to attract them are those that will allow employees to ramp up or ramp down during their career depending on different events going on in their personal lives.

This allows the individual to integrate themselves with their work as opposed to choose work or family. For some organizations this may mean redesigning some roles to allow for individuals to be successful as they define success. If organizations were better at customizing careers for individuals we would not see the type of mass exodus of women leaders that has historically been true.

By being clear about performance expectations for the future, and at different levels of the organization, employees will be able to more accurately self-assess if they have what it takes to move ahead in the organization. Article Continues Below Many organizations have employees rate themselves and managers rate their employees as part of a performance management or career management conversation.

Sometimes employees may have an inaccurate perception of their ability to advance in the organization, and having clear expectations will help managers with that very difficult conversation. Managers have not fully realized the critical role they play in understanding the career goals of their employees and crafting development opportunities that help them to achieve their goals.

To get work accomplished, we tend to ask people to do things they already know how to do. This is particularly true today when we have to do more with less and expediency is very helpful.

But if our managers are not proactively thinking about special assignments or roles for team members with potential for advancement, then how will employees be able to continuously learn and grow?

Given the changing expectations of employees to fully leverage their talents, continuously develop, and blend work and life more effectively we must reexamine how we manage careers today. We have provided here six ways to help organizations manage the new career expectations; now it is up to you to develop new programs and policies that will provide smooth sailing into the future.Get an answer for 'What are 3 ways Gene and Phineas are alike and 3 ways they are different in A Separate Peace?' and find homework help for other A Separate Peace questions at eNotes.

In what ways are Americans and Canadians similar? In what ways are they different? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 4 Answers. Chris London, lives in Canada. In what ways are they different? How do Asian Americans compare to Asian Australians? In what ways are they similar and different?

Get an answer for 'In what ways are Winston and Julia alike? In what ways are they different? ' and find homework help for other questions at eNotes. May 20,  · They are all alike save one characteristic - their frequency of vibration.

That's what allows you to tune your radio and TV to different channels, and for our eyes to see colors. Source(s): Electrical engineer - glad for those different vibes!Status: Resolved.

6. Older Adults, Alike and Different Project Skill. Discovering ways in which older adults are alike and ways they are different from each other.

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