Why is synergy important for johnson johnson and what has ceo weldon done to foster synergy

Can you give us an overview? The way that we look at our organization is that we have three business segments we work in. One is the consumer business, which you alluded to, and it is a lot of the baby products, baby shampoo, baby powder, band-aids. The second part of our business is our medical device and diagnostics business, which by itself is the largest medical device and diagnostics business in the world.

Why is synergy important for johnson johnson and what has ceo weldon done to foster synergy

SEC forecasts are used by the U. For example, just last Wednesday October 22the SEC released two-day advanced warnings about an unusually large solar storm, which allowed electrical utilities, airlines, and spacecraft managers to take preventive action to minimize disruption of service due to the storm.

The Subcommittee wants to better understand the potential impact of the loss of SEC services. The Subcommittee plans to explore several overarching questions, including: LWhy do we need to understand and forecast space weather events?

Hildner will provide an overview of the SEC, the services it provides and its collaborations with other federal agencies. Grunsfeld will discuss the effects of space weather on NASA operations.

Kappenman was formerly with Minnesota Power. Captain Krakowski will discuss how space weather events affect the airline industry, including air traffic control communications and human health concerns. These conditions can influence the performance and reliability of space-borne and ground-based technological systems and can endanger human life or health.

Challenged by New Crises

Government and private sector organizations concerned with communications, satellite operations, electric power grids, human space flight, and navigation use space weather information. The SEC consists of three divisions: The effects of these disturbances are described in more detail below.

The research and development division is home to the leading experts in space weather. The Air Force provides two personnel who work at the SEC to ensure that this vital space weather information is fed smoothly to the Air Force, which then tailors it for military purposes.

The Air Force will use this information to make recommendations about military satellites that should be turned or powered down, or military operations that should be suspended until the storm passes.

For example, astronauts conducting space walks could be killed if they were exposed to high levels of radiation. Additionally, astronauts inside the ISS may have to take special precautions during a solar storm.

In fulfilling its research mission, NASA flies many of the sensors used to collect space weather data on its research satellites. Specifically, the Academy recommended that NOAA and NASA initiate a plan to transition solar monitoring sensors from their current location primarily on research satellites to operational satellite programs.

At this time, the FY appropriations process is ongoing in Congress. Electric Power Grids The first recorded evidence of space weather effects on technology was inwhen a major failure of telegraph systems in New England and Europe coincided with a large solar flare.

More recently, on March 13,geomagnetically induced currents in Canadian transmission lines set off a cascade of broken circuits, causing loss of power for the entire Hydro-Quebec power grid.

Ina similar geomagnetic storm was headed for Earth. In response, electric power utilities diverted power and increased safety margins on certain parts of the grid to avoid stress on the power system.

Satellite Operations In addition to electric power grid operations, human activities dependent on satellites are affected by space weather.Find this Pin and more on Milestone #4 Supporting Adulthood by Synergy = Family + Church @ initiativeblog.com See more.

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Johnson and Johnson 1. What kind of diversification does Johnson & Johnson pursue? 2. What challenges does William C. Weldon face as CEO of J&J to foster collaboration? 3.

Why is synergy important for J&J? What has Weldon done to foster collaboration? 4. Evaluate Weldon’s leadership of J&J. What steps has he taken to spur collaborative.

Why is synergy important for johnson johnson and what has ceo weldon done to foster synergy

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Full text of "Restructuring the federal scientific establishment: dismantling of the Department of Commerce: hearing before the Committee on Science, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fourth Congress, first session, September 12, " See other formats.

Why is synergy important for johnson johnson and what has ceo weldon done to foster synergy
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