Write about different growth promoting substances that ionize

Ionization see Figure 1 is that extreme form of excitation in which an electron is ejected, leaving behind a positive molecular ion. The minimum energy required for this process is called the ionization potential IP. The actual energetics are described by the Franck—Condon… In chemistry, ionization often occurs in a liquid solution.

Write about different growth promoting substances that ionize

Elaters of Bryophytes, dehiscence of capsules, opening and closing of peristomial teeth in Moss capsules, bursting of capsules, swelling of seeds, etc are the few examples for physical movements which respond to the changes in the moisture content.

Most of the structures mentioned above are made up of lignin or such hydrophilic substrates. These substances adsorb water and swell, or lose water and shrink.

This expansion and contraction brings about the movement, some times with considerable force and violence. Vital Movements I a Movements of locomotion: These movements are basically the movements caused by protoplasmic activity.

They are a kind of involuntary type that go on all the time. Nevertheless their movement is an active process requiring the utilization of metabolic energy ATP.

Your Answer Ionization is a process by which a substance with no net charge is converted into one or more ions. It includes the mundane example of dissolving an ionic compound in water that dissociates into its constituent ions as well as things like forming ions by knocking electrons off with an electron beam.
8 factors that influence the Growth and Development of an Organism Generally, plant growth promoting rhizobacteria facilitate the plant growth directly by either assisting in resource acquisition nitrogen, phosphorus and essential minerals or modulating plant hormone levels, or indirectly by decreasing the inhibitory effects of various pathogens on plant growth and development in the forms of biocontrol agents.
5_PLANT_GROWTH_AND_DEVELOPMENT Characteristics[ edit ] Phyllody on a purple coneflower Echinacea purpureaa plant development abnormality where leaf-like structures replace flower organs.

They also respond to certain factors like temperature, respiratory inhibitors and growth hormones. Ciliary movement, amoeboid movement, gliding movement and protoplasmic streaming cyclosis and rotation movements are the examples of this kind.

write about different growth promoting substances that ionize

I b Movements of Locomotion: Paratonic type These are induced movements, various external factors like light, chemicals, temperature act as stimuli. Accordingly they either move towards the stimuli or move away from the stimuli.

Photatactic, chemotactic and thermo tactic are the examples of this kind. II A Movements of curvature: The upward and downward movement of the basal leaflets of Indian telegraph plant Desmodium gyrense is a non growth movement exhibited by a rhythmic osmo-regulatory process.

Nutation and circum nutation movements exhibited by stem tips and tendrils are the growth movements. Because of the alternate or unequal growth of the plant structures, they show such bending and rotatory movements.

II B Movements of Curvature: Paratonic type Paratonic movements are the induced movements, which may be directional or non directional. They may either growth movements or non growth movements. Tropic Movements The growth movement in response to external stimuli, like light, gravitation, water and touch are called phototropism, geotropism, hydrotropism and thigmotropism respectively.

The bending movement of stem tips towards the light source is called phototropism. Here the light provides the stimulus. The actinic part of the white light that causes the positive curvature movement is blue light.

This indicates that the plant cells which respond to this light must possess a pigment system which is capable of absorbing the blue light. How this pigment brings about the differential growth, which is responsible for the growth curvature, is not very clear.

When the stem tips are exposed to unilateral light, it has been found that the auxin gets distributed unequally between the cells exposed to light and the cells in the unexposed area.

This unequal distribution i. As a result of this the stem bends towards light. Whether the unequal distribution of auxin in the cells caused by sunlight is due to the lateral transportation from the illuminated area to darker area or due to inactivation of auxin found in the cells of illuminated area is a muted question.

Recent experiments indicate that the active form of auxins found in the cells of the illuminated area become inactive form rather than the complete destruction.

This change in active form an inactive form is very important.Important substances found in food, which promote growth and good health Get the answers you need, now!5/5(1). - a substance that is secreted by one tissue into the bloodstream and which induces a physiological response in other tissues.

involved in gene silencing by inhibiting translation and/or promoting the degradation of particular mRNAs. - genes in different organisms that possess a clear sequence and functional relationship to each other.

Because it can lose a proton to form ions, it does ionize in solution and is thus an electrolyte, but because it's a weak acid, the reaction doesn't go to completion and some $\ce{CH3COOH_{(aq)}}$ exists in solution making acetic acid a weak electrolyte as it doesn't completely ionize in solution.

An experiment was conducted to investigate the influence of different growth promoting substances on growth and yield of bitter gourd. Experiment was laid out in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with four replications.

Different foliar sprays viz. T1- Effective Microorganism (EM), T2- Cow. Ionization of an atom occurs when an electron is completely stripped from the atom and ejected into the ionization continuum. The gap between energy possessed by an atom in its ground state and the energy level at the edge of the ionization continuum is the.

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